[Econotimes] – Blockchain-based ride sharing platform DACSEE raises $7.4M in angel round, launches pre-ICO

Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone or “DACSEE” has announced that it has raised $7.4 million in its month-long angel round in which it sold all 180 million tokens.

Following its successful angel round, DACSEE is now launching its pre-ICO round today, December 01, 2017. The initial sale of the tokens will fund the development and growth initiatives of the project.

The DACSEE platform is an Ethereum-powered decentralized and autonomous ride-sharing service. It has a self-sustainable model with built-in affiliate marketing program through which drivers and passengers are compensated for recruiting and accomplishing jobs in the platform. It uses Ethereum blockchain to distribute the compensation in a transparent manner.

The team behind DACSEE believes that the platform’s unique design exemplifies a true sharing economy that will allow it to expand dramatically without assistance or control from any corporate entity. The peer-to-peer (p2p) payment methods and ability for drivers to use the platform to foster their own income-producing fleet of drivers would enable DACSEE to expand autonomously into new markets around the world, disrupting many of the existing monopolistic competitors.

With the expansion of the platform, the utility of DACSEE token will grow proportionately and so will its value.

DACSEE enables its community to receive and make payments for rides using conventional methods, while simultaneously enabling the community to earn and redeem affiliate bonuses in the form of free rides and/or fiat money.

The DACSEE community comprises members from 10 countries with diverse backgrounds and cultures. The core team has experience in developing mobile applications and a ride hailing platform for taxi companies in Malaysia and Thailand. Additional team members with startup, international marketing and blockchain experience have been added over the course of the past year.

The long-term strategy for the DACSEE community was inspired by technologies such as the Safe Network by MaidSafe which seeks to decentralize the internet. The team believes DACSEE’s commitment to decentralization and a true sharing economy will enable it to operate in as many as 300 or more cities throughout the world.