[The Star] – Dacsee optimistic about Malaysian prospects

PETALING JAYA: Ride-sharing platform Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone (Dacsee) has recruited 4,800 drivers in 10 days, ahead of its official launch in April.

Dacsee chief executive officer Alexander Von Kaldenberg is optimistic about the company’s potential in Malaysia and is aggressively promoting the business.

“We’re focusing on the supply side (drivers) first, and then the demand side (passengers), he said at an event to announce the launch of the ride-sharing service today.
Dacsee is a decentralised system that earns neither money from driver commission fees, nor extra fees from passenger bookings.

The taxi drivers will need to open their e-wallet to deposit money in Dacsee tokens before picking up a passenger.

The taxi drivers will be able to earn money at a normal rate from passengers, without having to pay commission fees to Dacsee.

Dacsee also allows drivers to recruit other drivers to create their own “fleet”, modeled after a multi-level marketing system, to earn higher commission levels.

Dacsee, which was recently launched in Thailand, aims to expand into Indonesia, India and China.

In Malaysia, the platform is being adopted by local technology partner DMD Technology Sdn Bhd, which is spearheading the localization, customization and integration in the country.

According to reports, unlike other ride-hailing companies that charge up to a 30% commission fee, the money in a taxi driver’s Dacsee e-wallet will automatically charge a 1-2% commission fee.

All transactions will be transparent and audited through blockchain technology.

The e-wallet and token can be converted to local currency and the drivers will be able to withdraw money from banks tied to their e-wallet and bank accounts.