Great news – DACSEE has made its way to Bangkok!

THAILAND, February 2018: Breaking news DACSEE has paved its way to the Land of Smiles! This month marks a profound milestone for DACSEE as the recruitment drive has officially begun in Thailand, opening a door opportunities for the community in search for career prospects. http://www.dacsee.com

DACSEE’s recruitment drive was held twice in a span of over a week. The first recruitment drive was held on 8 February 2018 at the Mahidol University, Bangkok. The following recruitment drive was held at Don Muang Airport from 14 20 February 2018.

The event was a huge hit as it attracted a whopping total of over 2,000 of drivers for the registration process and became part of the DACSEE community.

DACSEE is a decentralized ride-sharing system that applies blockchain technology for all rides and transactions. The highlights of DACSEE includes transparent transactions and allows drivers to earn at a normal rate via passenger bookings as DACSEE does not charge high driver commission fees.

Unlike other ride-hailing companies that reportedly charge as high as 30 per cent for its commission fee, DACSEE only charges a minuscule 1-2 % commission fee which will be automatically deducted from the DACSEE drivers’ e-Wallet.

Not only that, DACSEE also lets its drivers to earn an extra side of cash via commission each time they recruit other drivers as well as building their own fleet along the way.

Both events were jointly organized by DACSEE’s Marketing Team as well as the taxi drivers of Thailand.    

DACSEE’s upcoming event will be coming soon at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and follow us on our social media pages to stay tuned to more updates: