DACSEE wave has recently hit Thailand

THAILAND, 9 March 2018: DACSEE wave has hit the shores of Thailand recently and that’s just the beginning. DACSEE hosted yet another recruitment drive in Thailand which was quite the buzz!

The event was held at Suvarnabhumi Airport from 1 – 8 March 2018 which successfully attracted a total of 400 drivers during the sign-up. This sums up to a grand total of 2,400 registered drivers inclusive of all the recruitment drives up to date.

DACSEE is a new age alternative for both drivers and passengers, which essentially practices blockchain technology to regulate all rides and transactions as opposed to a centralized system.

Due to DACSEE’s unique decentralized mechanism, it allows transparent transactions and lets drivers earn at a normal rate for trip completions in conjunction with driver commission fees as low as 1-2 per cent!

Drivers get to build their own fleet and receive extra commission as they recruit more drivers. Passengers also get to enjoy the feature of selecting their preferred drivers, which in turn increases customer loyalty toward the drivers.

Interested in becoming a DACSEE driver? Just follow our simple registration guide and be a part of the DACSEE community today!

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