Developing a strong executive team has always been an important part of managing our company for long-term success and with rapid technological changes, it requires increasing flexibility and speed to market, it’s even more critical that our leaders possess a broad understanding of our businesses and the customers we serve.

DACSEE has made progress ever since its announcement in 2017 and the organization is at the main and final found of ICO and is the most anticipated token sale round in terms of the general public. To maintain our momentum and accelerate the development and implementation of DACSEE in the market, we ensure that we have a supreme team structure in place. With that, we are making changes that involve several of our business units for DACSEE Co., Ltd. The key organizational moves we’re making is to help prepare us for the opportunities and challenges ahead include:

  • Effective immediately, Lim Chiew Shan has been appointed Chief Executive Officer for DACSEE Co., Ltd. announced today. Lim who is also the Founder will be responsible for managing the overall management, operations and resources of the company. He is in charge of overseeing DACSEE’s business with external clients in addition to leading the implementation of DACSEE to the market.
  • We will be announcing a number of additional leadership moves, including staff group support, over the next several weeks as we adjust the organization to the changes we are announcing today.