Malaysia, April 12, 2018 — DACSEE (https://dacsee.com), the world’s first decentralized community-empowered ride-sharing platform, which stands for ‘Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving & Empowering Everyone’, launched its BETA mobile application ‘DACSEE’
at INTI College Subang Jaya with the participation of 120 selected individuals which includes INTI College’s Computer Science students, DACSEE’s assigned drivers and selected key influencers. Students and drivers were given the exclusive privilege to experience the unique app first hand, providing them with a holistic glimpse of the DACSEE ride-hailing experience the BETA app.

Available on Android and iOS by the end of April across 20 countries in Asia Pacific, The DACSEE platform will kick off in Malaysia by end April, followed by other key markets in Asia including China, Indonesia and Thailand. With its decentralized, revolutionary first of its kind ridesharing platform, its autonomous unique system is implemented independently without assistance or control from any corporate entity. It’s unique and autonomous system creates a self-regulating and self-expanding ride-sharing network that is community-run, by effectively removing middlemen fees.

DACSEE understands the current challenges within the ride-hailing industry especially with safety concern, hence double verification is required when you book DACSEE, once local authority and twice by the local community before they become a partner driver. Every trip will be monitored by 5 selected users, who are randomly selected based on their distance to the location of the passenger at each point in time.

DACSEE’s app includes a feature that no other ride hailing platform has which is the ‘Circle of Friends’ that allows passenger to choose their preferred driver, in which passengers can also recommend these drivers to their friends by sending the driver’s detail, so their friends can add the drivers into their circle too. Since the passenger can decide whether to let the same driver take their booking again, and also the passenger can add the driver into his circle, this means that the passenger will be riding with familiar drivers with the passenger’s preferred driving styles and vehicle.

Apart from its revolutionary safety feature, drivers using the platform will be able to build and foster the growth of their own fleet of drivers and gain additional income, all powered by DACSEE’s referral network system. As drivers verify and recruit new drivers to the DACSEE network, they will be granted a permanent commission from them and add them to their referral network, which earns them a percentage of all fares earned by that driver. At the same time, DACSEE achieves both accountability and security by verifying its
drivers through the commission payout system.

By introducing a peer-to-peer system, DACSEE can bring the sharing economy into the ride-hailing industry and empower drivers & passenger to create their own income through the referral rewards system.

To date, DACSEE has successfully raised over USD23 million dollars from its private sale and public sale which launched in October 2017. In the 4 months since driver recruitment began, over 30,000 drivers have already signed up with DACSEE’s driver network in markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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