DACSEE New Executives

DACSEE welcomes Josh Smith as CTO

Josh Smith is the CTO of DACSEE and head of the Americas division. He has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as the tech industry. Josh’s crypto accomplishments include stopping a full scale ICO hack mid-hack with $0 lost, building token infrastructure for sidechain management, consulting with exchanges and token businesses regarding Batch Overflow and other technical risks, and helping businesses navigate the world between blockchain idealism and business realities.

In entertainment, his development clients include Disney, P90X, Grindr, WB Games, League of Legends, and more. In politics he led technology for ‘Jon Huntsman for President’ and was part of the foundation team of the Horizon PAC. Josh also led the team that developed Social Sentiment Analysis solutions for Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial race and later provided digital ad analytics tracking for Jerry Brown’s Yes on 30.  Josh was the technical strategist on the vendor side for the San Francisco 49ers Measure J which garnered millions in public funding for the 49ers new stadium. In the start-up world Josh was the CTO of Scripped (now known as Scripted) a Hollywood start-up with over $25M in VC funding. He was also the head of tech for Appsmyth which since merged with GuestDNA to become a premiere digital loyalty card system for the likes of Smoothie King and other Quick Service Restaurants.

Today Josh is spear-heading the country by country integration of the DACSEE token to ensure that every region has regulatory requirements met (on chain where possible) while not inhibiting the business or token potential of DACSEE as a whole.

DACSEE welcomes Ng Chung Yee as Legal Advisor

Ng Chung Yee was a former litigation lawyer involved in civil litigation for 12 years before joining a China based Multinational Company in Malaysia. He was involved in several reported cases that became landmark cases that shaped the law in Malaysia. He is also active in the cryptocurrency community in Malaysia and is appointed as a Steem Ambassador in Malaysia. He believes efficiency, accountability and transparency is the hallmark of the blockchain and DACSEE will be able to exemplify that through its implementation. Safety and incentives are enhanced through efficiency to return more value to the drivers and passengers alike. Transportation being a highly regulated industry would necessarily require strict compliance to local regulations, legislations and policies. This is where DACSEE ensures the highest level of compliance is observed.