DACSEE Aug 4 Update


This is Josh Smith CTO here at DACSEE with the first of our regular weekly updates. First off, we appreciate the outpouring of support, feedback, and ideas from our active Telegram community members. In order to better facilitate our own internal discussion of your input I’ve created the following form for anonymous feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/pZS7T2HRYmGkvGkp2

If you’d like to provide more detailed or personally identifiable feedback, recommendations, hiring referrals, or anything else you want to send with regards to technology and the product please e-mail CTO@dacsee.com  Given our focus on the product and Malaysian rollout I can not respond to every e-mail but I can promise you that either myself or my team will review each and every communication that comes in.

That said, on to the update:

  1. Qryptos Listing – Tokens are distributed, our launch exchange Qryptos (owned by Quoine) has pushed the DACS token live for trading. For those of you using MEW that have not noticed your new tokens you may need to “Add Token” with:
    1. The Contract Address: 0xa31108e5bab5494560db34c95492658af239357c
    2. Decimals: 18
    3. Symbol: DACS
    4. You can find DACSEE on Qryptos at: https://trade.qryptos.com/basic/DACSBTC or https://trade.qryptos.com/basic/DACSETH
  2. CoinMarketCap Listing – DACSEE is officially on CoinMarketCap at  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dacsee/
    1. We are still working out some details with CMC directly to provide additional details they need to update things such as Market Cap, Circulating Supply, and other advanced features. We expect this process to conclude within the next 7-10 days.
  3. 2% Airdrop Bonus – The 2% airdrop bonus for pre-extension contributors has been completed.
    1. This includes contributors who sent in DSCS prior to our Symbol change.
    2. If you have not seen your bonus and believe you qualify please email support@dacsee.com with your wallet address, e-mail address you registered as a contributor, and any other pertinent information. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days at maximum.
  4. Exchange Updates – While we can not legally discuss the price of the token, we have been working hard on the product rollout and facilitating your ability to trade our token for usage in the platform.
    1. In addition to Qryptos we are also listed on Sinegy which is our OTC partner for Drivers and corporate accounts.
    2. We are in talks with 3 separate Top 30 exchanges (as of today, August 4th 2018 GMT+8).
    3. Details of these talks will not be disclosed but trust we are hard at work for our passengers, drivers, and valued contributors.
  5. Driver’s Council – One of our concepts to facilitate better community engagement is the Driver’s High Council. We have kicked off several meetings over the past 7 days to move this into high gear. Some details on the council:
    1. Council members are actual real world DACSEE Drivers with years of ride-hailing experience who act as Driver’s advocates in our internal meetings and educate the driving community within Kuala Lumpur and beyond.
    2. Thanks to the valuable feedback from the Council we have made several significant engineering updates on the Driver side of the app. These include but are not limited to:
      1. Advanced ride request notifications and popups for multi-app drivers.
      2. Clearer chat infrastructure and management.
      3. Ringtones that work better for drivers in the field.
      4. Token utilization and driver onboarding updates
    3. While we’re working hard at DACSEE HQ, I know from personal experience building apps with millions of daily active users that you can not truly scale without hearing from the people on the ground using your tools. For that I personally thank the council and all drivers that help us build a better product for their daily lives and income.
  6. DACSEE Marshals – As part of our Driver Education and Onboarding initiatives we have created the DACSEE Marshals program, launching with 7 different areas where drivers can come to onboard with DACSEE, learn about their verification requirements (we take passenger security seriously), and receive the support they need to earn their living. Below is a map of our current DACSEE Marshal locations
  7. DACSEE America in KL – Finally, the entire DACSEE Team is together in KL over the next few weeks working hard on refining our rollout, scaling, and expansion strategies.
    1. We are moving fast, making tweaks, and learning from users as we go through the system rollout.
    2. The most important part of scaling is to get your initial base right, understand the ecosystem, and then push out once you have something you know sticks.
    3. From aesthetics, to technology, to real world education and marketing we are working hard to create something that outshines the competition, breaks the mold, and creates true value for Drivers and Passengers alike.

We appreciate your help and patience as we continue this journey. Follow us here for weekly updates.

Josh Smith
Chief Technical Officer