With More Than 30,000 Taxi Drivers, Here’s how DACSEE is Changing the Ride-Hailing Industry


DACSEE is shaking the ride-sharing industry’s foundations. With ride-sharing becoming a norm in modern society, it takes a new and innovative perspective to change the game. This is exactly what DACSEE provides.


The Need for New Ridesharing Solutions

Ridesharing is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around in one form or another since the invention of the vehicle.
Now it is much easier for us to find drivers to take us to our destinations. It is also much easier for drivers to create work for themselves with little more than a car and access to an Android or iOS app.

Despite these advances and all the other developments that have taken place during the information age, there are still serious problems in the ride-sharing industry.
A lack of transparency leaves customers in a situation where they don’t know if they can trust their drivers. A lack of security leaves both the driver and passenger at risk.

A lack of fair and transparent processes in many large ride-sharing companies leaves a few in the industry well off, while many drivers and other employees struggle to make a living wage.

None of these shortcomings need to exist in the information age. There are solutions out there that tackle each of the shortcomings in the ride-sharing industry head-on.
Now we have one in particular, DACSEE, that offers a complete package of solutions for everyone involved in the ride-sharing process.

DACSEE’s Special Taxi Project

DACSEE fills in the missing gaps in the ride-sharing business. It has been able to reshape the industry through the use of the newest trends and technologies in decentralization and peer-to-peer technology.

These changes allow DACSEE to remove the pesky fees taken by the bigger and less reputable ride-sharing platforms today. What DACSEE instead adds is a community that exists alongside its company. DACSEE is a decentralized (and self-regulating) platform that rewards its customers and drivers for their participation.

The DACSEE platform is centered on its Ethereum-based Token, which also serves as a medium for rewarding participation in the platform. Instead of a typical 20-30% service fee to the company, the token fees go back into the community, allowing it to grow.
Drivers are paid in fiat currencies, and the DACSEE app can change their tokens for fiat currencies as well.


Passenger Benefits

After building and adding drivers to their network, DACSEE passengers will have the freedom of choice. They can select their driver from their network and book him for their upcoming ride. They can also rest assured that every driver on that list has been properly vetted, and they can also invite their friend to take part in their network.

Moreover, after meeting certain criteria, DACSS passengers and drivers are rewarded in tokens for bringing new passengers and drivers to the DACSEE platform. If the customer’s benefits could be described in one word, the word would be security. On top of the added transparency available regarding your choice of driver, as a passenger, you can rest assured that your information is stored within a safe and robust infrastructure. You are also taking part in a larger community that seeks to improve as it grows, something that cannot be said for DACSEE’s mainstream competition.

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Driver Benefits

Drivers are paid in fiat currencies. They are also rewarded in tokens for bringing new drivers to the platform. They are paid fairly and rewarded for transparent and professional work and community-building efforts.
As a driver with DACSEE, you no longer need to deal with the poor conditions that you would have to put up with when working for DACSEE’s mainstream counterparts. You are part of a wider community of drivers. You can build your own fleet of drivers within DACSEE’s platform. Every driver you refer that can be vetted and successfully recruited is added to your COF (Circle Of Friends) pool. You have an opportunity to create a sustainable passive income by creating your own fleet on this network, through your place in the COF pool.

DACSEE’s Growth

DACSEE is a tried and tested company that has already provided work for over 30,000 taxi drivers. DACSEE recently made a move into the cryptocurrency space, raising over $31 million through their ICO just a few months ago.

The company is based in Malaysia and active in Southeast Asia. They are shaking the ridesharing industry with their revolutionary ideas and platform, and are in the perfect position to expand. This is exactly what they are going to do.

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Completing the Triangle

The triangular relationship between the driver, the passenger, and the greater community is the critical component that other companies all-too-often get wrong. DACSEE has kept that in mind throughout every step of their decision-making process.
Everyone involved in this revolutionary process stands to gain something for themselves while providing thousands of others with new opportunities. The ride-sharing industry will not be the same after DACSEE.