[FOCUS MALAYSIA] – DACSEE unveils first social ride sharing platform

The world’s first decentralized community-empowered ride-sharing platform, has rolled out its official mobile application ‘DACSEE’ with 3,000 pre-qualified drivers in Malaysia. Beyond offering standard transportation services, DACSEE aims to add joy to the ride-sharing platform by providing more choices in fare, vehicle size and comfort by allowing users to set up their own community groups. Currently, DACSEE has created four official groups with its pre-qualified drivers – namely the Compact, Comfort, Exec and Xtra groups.

Riding on the sharing economy that has gained much acclamation in Malaysia, DACSEE is designed to promote self-employment, entrepreneurship and support the government’s vision of a sharing economy. The DACSEE app, now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, provides a platform for passengers and drivers to benefit from one another by creating a better ecosystem.

“Unlike existing ride hailing offerings in the market, DACSEE’s business model thrives on building communities. We want to connect individuals with similar interest who can exchange ideas and opportunities, which can improve the quality of their personal and professional networks and lives,” said Lim Chiew Shan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DACSEE.

Addressing some of the challenges that are evident in the ride sharing industry today such as driver behavior and safety issues, DACSEE has designed unique features in the app for passengers to select from a community they trust. As a result, a woman passenger for instance can now choose to be driven by a woman if preferred with such option offered by DACSEE. Drivers are pre-qualified while each community will have leaders who will select the members based on their suitability and track record. When it comes to safety, DACSEE’s ‘Trip Companion’ feature allows any DACSEE user near the vicinity of the ride to be connected to the passenger and will know their whereabouts during the ride. The one button ‘Emergency Helpline’ also allows passengers to call if they face any issues during the ride.

DACSEE’s app also includes a feature that no other ride hailing platform has which is the ‘Circle of Friends’. This unique feature allows a passenger to choose their preferred driver, and in turn can also recommend the selected drivers to their friends and family members by sending the driver’s detail, so their friends and family members can add the drivers into their circle too.

“We take a long-term view on safety in the sense that we believe this element will continue to improve over time as users begin to create groups or join others based on their choice and interest. The DACSEE ride sharing platform is therefore unique because you are empowered to build your community and even select your own group of preferred drivers,” added Lim.

Drivers on the other hand will be able to ensure a sustainable income by building their own customer base and creating a community of passengers and drivers through DACSEE’s referral system. As drivers verify and recruit new drivers to their group, they will be granted a permanent commission to their referral network, which earns them a percentage of all fares charged by that driver. In addition, for every 20 percent commission that DACSEE deducts from rides, 80 percent of that commission will be given back to the community in the form of tokens or points that can be used to redeem other third-party products and services. DACSEE also allows the community to inherit their network from their next of kin so that the community continues to grow and benefit.

“DACSEE’s concept of a sharing economy goes beyond the typical model of providing or sharing access to goods and services facilitated by a community. Through the DACSEE ride sharing platform we are empowering users to create their own groups and income streams, as well as participate in the sharing of rewards and profits generated by this platform. We are definitely disrupting the ride hailing industry by giving control back to the drivers and passengers,” said Lim.

To further enhance the value of ride-hailing services, DACSEE has introduced a feature called ‘Joy Locations’. This feature essentially recommends passengers about on-going rewards and promotions with popular brands supported by DACSEE. Passengers can now book a ride with suggested ‘Joy Locations’ available in the vicinity of the destination and gain more value from their ride with DACSEE. There are presently 1,000 ‘Joy Locations’ available on the app where passengers can get cashback for visiting and purchasing at these places. These ‘Joy Locations’ include prominent restaurants, shopping malls and retail outlets.

With the official rollout of the DACSEE mobile app and its service in Malaysia, other markets where DACSEE currently has a presence are expected to follow suit in the next few months. This includes Thailand, China and the United States. 

Courtesy of Focus Malaysia