DACSEE Teh Tarik – Malacca

Hi, guess what. We were having our first ever teh tarik session in Malacca yesterday! Syiok! In DACSEE, we will always try to reach out to our drivers in different locations. Either you are a registered and verified DACSEE driver,  just someone who is interested to drive with DACSEE, or even a rider, you can join our Teh Tarik session to talk about A-Z about DACSEE, and just in case you have questions about DACSEE, ask away.

Here are some topics that we talked about yesterday (just in case you are curious, which we think you are! :D):

– company updates.
– making money strategy
– how to start your business in dacsee
– how are our e-hailing drivers doing now.
– bonding session
– tools sharing
– future projection
– aim
– and so many more!

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