As we approach the year 2020, flying cars and hover boards as depicted in futuristic films may still seem a bit of a stretch, but state of the art technology and towering skyscrapers are no longer a thing in the past and are now ubiquitous in modern day cities. As we enter the digital era, everything is now revolutionised for out convenience and comfort as well as maximising the user experience.

Take Dacsee for instance; it’s not just your regular book-and-send-you-home car ride, it’s an innovative app that combines day-to-day rides with a dash of lifestyle and human interactions for riders to get the best user experience. Here are some of Dacsee’s features that differentiate it from the rest of the field players:

  1. Users can book a driver in advance at a specific date and time.
  2. Users can select their preferred drivers and rebook them for future rides.
  3. Users can connect and socialise with community groups who share similar interests or hobbies

Aside from these existing nifty features, Dacsee had recently introduced yet another special cause: the Joy Driver Campaign. Coupled with this new trick in the hat, the Joy Driver Campaign allowed its users to embark on a Journey Full of Experiences with occasional surprises from partnered merchants.


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

One does not simply turn down ice-cream. In conjunction with the launching of the Joy Driver Campaign, Dacsee came up with the unique concept of exclusive Ice-Cream Cars which passengers could book within their vicinity. And yes, you guessed it – riders received a free ice-cream as they entered the car!

For those who missed their chances on this sweet ride, Dacsee has got them covered! We made sure that anyone who spotted our Volkswagen Kombi Van during the campaign period gets rewarded with an ice-cream; and it was absolutely FOC!

Dacsee CEO Lim Chiew Shan saw this promotional campaign as a window of opportunity to appreciate and give back to their loyal supporters. “The main purpose of this activation campaign is to be able to promote and introduce the Joy Driver Campaign to the public. We want to give something back to our users as a form of gratitude from us by making them feel happy and joyful,” he said.

The Joy Driver Campaign: Ice-Cream Edition tour began from 30 April to 3 May 2019 in Klang Valley, and was adjourned in Penang from 3 May onwards and ended in 5 May.


What’s So Special about Joy Drivers?

Every Joy Driver is carefully handpicked to undergo professional training to cater to a designated campaign. Not only do they chauffer you to your destination safely, they may also provide you with sample products and services from participating brands of a particular campaign. This feature aims to share joy and provide a revolutionising experience to its passengers for a wholesome ride of their lives.

We know you’re now fuelled with excitement for the new Joy Driver feature! Do keep in mind however, that Joy Drivers will only be accessible if the drivers are within 3km radius from a passenger, and their availability will be indicated on the app screen for the riders to choose from.

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