The world we live in today is no longer the same with the world our ancestors lived in the past decades. One particular field that has seen tremendous breakthroughs since then is healthcare. With state-of-the-art technology and scientific advancements, mankind has made leaps and bounds in medical science which have saved many grateful lives.


However, there are still health-deteriorating scenarios that are beyond mankind’s control, such as the current haze crisis from our neighbouring country. With increasingly alarming API rates, we face dire pollution levels within the environment and our health.


In our efforts to support a greener environment and to spread awareness on the dangers of air pollution to our health, Dacsee collaborates with country’s renowned air-conditioner manufacturer Acson to install car air purifiers in selected Dacsee vehicles in Klang Valley. There are currently 12 cars equipped with air purifiers and Dacsee is looking to bring up the
numbers to 50 cars within a month.


Riders may come across an Acson icon on their screens when making bookings around Klang Valley via Dacsee app, which means riders have the option to select it and enjoy an air-purified journey.


This is part of Dacsee’s latest community called ‘Fresher Air’ Community, amongst other communities within the Dacsee platform, namely Preferred Driver, Lady Driver, Friendly Driver and Quiet Driver. These special communities were part of Dacsee’s efforts to cater to customised needs and various preferences of passengers.


With this initiative, Dacsee strives to provide cleaner and high-quality air for their passengers in efforts to battle the hazy weather. Here’s a special shoutout to Acson for making our ‘Fresher Air’ Community a success!


Let’s take a step towards a healthier and greener lifestyle and book a ride of fresh air with Dacsee!