[DSY.my] -大喜搭车 – 搭车行业的转锐点

Here comes a brand new ride sharing app which is another Malaysian product. This time, the app owners (DACSEE) are giving back a bigger percentage of the income to the drivers and the users (riders).

Forget high advertising costs, high office rentals and big budget spending as we have seen in the last year with Uber and GRAB.

DACSEE wants to take all that spending and give their drivers a higher income and let users (riders) have a better and more cost efficient ride.

So far in just a few weeks and thru word of mouth some 4850 Malaysian ride sharing drivers have requested to be registered with DACSEE and its growing. The DACSEE app will be officially launched next month and we will let you know as soon as its launched and after we have downloaded it on our smart phone.

Please contact www.dacsee.com for more details and registration.